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PEMF Therapy

BEMER is designed to improve circulation thereby supporting the body’s natural self-regulating processes. Blood is the body’s universal means of transport. Oxygen, nutrients, chemical messengers (e.g. hormones) and immune cells etc. are all transported through our blood. Only when all of our body’s cells, tissues and organs are adequately nourished and all metabolic waste products removed,

can we be healthy and productive and our body function properly. The optimal regulation of circulation is a prerequisite for ensuring good levels of health and fitness.

What is PEMF therapy? PEMF stands for pulsed electromagnetic field. 

"Electromagnetic energy is the fundamental energy upon which all living organisims depend."

- Prof. Dr. Werner Heisenberg, German Physicist and Nobel Prize winner.

Humans first discovered how important low frequency, low intensity, electromagnetic energy (EM) is to every living thing on Earth (butterflies to elephants) when the first astronauts and cosmonauts were launched into orbit, where the Earth's electromagnetic field was very weak.  In only 1-2 hours, they were greatly afflicted -- mentally, emotionally, and physically.  On long  space flights, they lost 80% of their bone density.  Obviously, this was a major problem, demanding a solution.

Fortunately, circa 1952, German physicist Dr. W. O. Schumann mathematically calculated the Earth's predominant EM frequency to be 7.83 Hz.  Using this information, later space travelers were equipped with a Schumann EM generator to simulate the Earth's EM field, and the problem of "space sickness" disappeared.  Problem solved.

Then, someone got another bright idea.  Since it worked so well in space, what could it do back on Earth?  This led to the birth of the PEMF wellness industry, initially addressing bone growth and un-united fractures (non-unions) and later branching out into over 200 human conditions.

There are dozens of PEMF devices on the market and our choice is the BEMER. 

Serving the following surrounding areas: Glendale, Hollywood, Inglewood, Los Angeles, Pasadena, Burbank, Beverly Hills Santa Monica, La Canada Flintridge, Montebello and more. 

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