Dr. Irène Gabriel-Thomas

One thing that is critical to this practice is that each patient receives plenty of hands on time, as Dr. Irène is known for taking a Holistic approach, where she keeps the bigger picture in mind by taking each patient into account as a whole person. Irene has said, “I never saw it just as a lower back or a knee walking into the office—it is and has always been about the person as a whole that walks in and gets treated.

Dr. Irène is most passionate about making a difference in people’s lives, as she is most

dedicated to improving health, both in the community and that of the planet. One of her

greatest quests is to get people to a place where they are their strongest and healthiest. She sees this as her contributive purpose towards the health revolution that is taking place, currently. Dr. Irene continuously improves her skills and advanced knowledge by attending numerous seminars and lectures so that she may share her knowledge and best practices with her patients, in turn.

Her philosophy on health and disease is that there is always reasoning behind why the body gets sick, or is in pain. It never happens independently or spontaneously, and thus, when the barriers are removed and there’s nothing blocking the body, it can and will heal.

When not working Irene loves to be outdoors and in Nature. She loves to go exploring in the surrounding areas on foot and also loves riding horses and traveling.

Dr. Irène Gabriel-Thomas was born and raised in Zürich. She was introduced to chiropractic while working at Dr. Cheryl Revkin’s office in Silver Lake as a massage therapist. She graduated with degrees in Doctor of Chiropractic & Bachelor of Science from Cleveland Chiropractic College in Los Angeles.
The four years of Chiropractic College, formed the doctor’s scientific foundation, while her holistic views were nurtured via Naturopath School, which helped foster her approach to healing. Dr. Irène’s goal is to provide relief from aches and pains, listen to and discuss any health concerns, and educate about healthy lifestyle choices.