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Graston Technique uses specially designed instruments for the treatment of muscles, tendons, ligaments, and the myofascial network. By targeting adhesions and scars in the soft tissue, cells are activated, circulation is increased, and tension is released.  

Cold laser therapy

Entirely non-invasive, cold laser therapy increases blood flow and reduces inflammation, resulting in faster healing and pain reduction.

Rapid Release

High speed vibration therapy addresses muscle tension and adhesions, by breaking up adhesive and scarred areas in muscles and connective tissues. A safe, effective, and comfortable treatment modality for trigger points.


Cupping is used in many healing traditions. At Silverlake Chiropractic, we use suction cups to locally stretch areas of tightness and flush them with increased blood flow. We do not leave marks, as the focus is on mobilizing the tissues.

Cranial fascial release 

Cranial-Facial-Release is a very specific technique applied to the face, nose, and cranium (skull). Patients have found relief from difficulties breathing through the nose, headaches, symptoms of past head trauma, longstanding sinus problems, and more.

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